french market basket the best alternative for shopping and natural storage

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morrocan basket, french market basket , wiker basket, natural woven storage are back! They correspond perfectly with the eco-friendly concept.

Generally, most people bring their carry-ons to work or when attending business matters. With the french market basket (made out of fiber and palm) is very durable and long lasting. The straw material in these bags helps with its practicality and usefulness, however the bags today aren’t in stock for different colors, models or finish.

The french market basket is bio, palm-fibered made basket:

Forget plastic, synthetic, non-bio gradable bags! This straw made baskets, the palm made baskets or cane baskets are the best alternatives to do groceries. Users can also contribute by saving the environment by only using materials made out of palm papers, are bio gradable and ones that are 100% vegetal.

Did you know that palm trees are resistant against fertilizers and pesticides? For this reason, it is ideal to utilize products made out of palm or Moroccan oil and it has a distinctive quality of being 100% bio and 100% organic!

Similarly, these bags are hand crafted with vegetal fiber, all made with palm and are no doubt eco-friendly.

History of teh french market basket and how to use it:

  • The french market bags have been great to do groceries with. They were predominantly known for centuries to preserve food mixed in spices like garlic and onions, much like the case with the Tunisian culture. In the summertime, the way the food is preserved traditionally is to rest them in small bags or baskets for the Autochthones family; this applies differently during the time of cold or winter.
  • The palm-fibered the french shopping basket bag/basket is highly resistant.
  • The baskets and storage in vegetal fiber: Moroccan baskets, straw or cane-made basket are ideal to for an everyday use; everyone’s reaction to the baskets are promising as they will last for decades. Its durable material makes it easy to store heavy loads while bringing them around with you. The elderlies or seniors would find the overall handiness in this bag, especially when they are out doing groceries. Before marketing Moroccan bags, plastic was mainly used but did not possess the added qualities that handle excessive storage amount. This fine invention proves its phenomenal use. No matter the size it is also light and its opening is large enough to fit a range of items based on their size. Unlike the traditional ones, baskets which are made out of essentially palm paper are commonly called Moroccan baskets being that they were 100% natural. Straw woven baskets are resistant to various conditions making them reliable for any occasion and most importantly can be used by all.


A multipurpose bag as french market basket  does more than one guesses.

It can be used for several other things such as a place for storage or even have it as your very own laundry bag.

As mentioned above, whether you’re going out on a picnic or simply just wanting to do groceries, there is no need to look any further as this is the perfect bag that solves your everyday problems.


The straw texture of the bag protects its surface from water and heat thus, it serves as a great carry-on to while at the beach or at a summer outing. It can be used for different purposes; the vegetal fibers of the bag gives out a nice finishing touch to it, with an exotic feel and plain originality.

The ethicality of the Moroccan basket

The braiding of the fibers provides a sense of morrocot where today’s families have seem to touch on. Purchase this bag and find out for yourself. The Moroccan bag guarantees ease while using it without dispute. OurShopping straw bags, natural pal storage are made by Ahlem, a craftswomen, who is from abeul, Tunisia. With the help of his delicate fairy hands, her craftsmanship proves the beauty and art of wiker and natural woven storage and straw bags. 

Moroccan bags, french market basket, natural woven storage, Straw-woven baskets: Creations of useful and unique art

A french market tote made out of straw material suggests the unique side of the product. Its original outlook will indefinitely capture other people’s interest and most probably study the beauty of how it was made. The cane, which is all-natural, again, provides better incentive to our savings, the environment and more importantly our health, so forget plastic bags! This product is affordable, eye-catching and can be used in numerous fashion, there is no other words to explain that this bag fits all!


here a pic of small french market basket use as storage basket for children clothes


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